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Vickers piston and vane
Barnes gear type
Enerpac air, oil, piston
Eaton/Cessna gear and vane
Tyrone gear
Racine vane and piston
Parker piston and pressure compressed
International Fluid Power components
Permco gear and vane, pumps and motors


Vickers TJ-tie rod, welded, servo
American aluminum and stainless steel cylinders
Parker/Schrader-Bellows complete line
Vickers TJ-tie rod, welded, servo
Energy mobile and agricultural cylinders
Clippard brass and stainless steel cylinders
Miller pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
Ortman hydraulic tie rod
Numatics ISO cylinders


Gates complete hose, fittings, adapters, assemblies
Synflex thermoplastic, adapters
Teleflex teflon, stainless steel hose, aerospace assemblies
Kuriyama suction, discharge, industrial
Thermoid aerospace, marine, and hydraulic
Aeroquip aerospace, marine, and hydraulic
Alkon nylon, PVC, FDA inner braid tubing
Voss metric and high pressure, ball valves
Accuflex PVC FDA inner braid tubing
Duravent exhaust, ventilation hose
Federal silicone, high temp, exhaust hose
Buckeye marine hose, MIL spec sheet rubber


Vickers complete line
Parker/Schrader-Bellows inline diaphragm and piston
Ross pneumatic and directional flow
Deltrol flow controls, check and needle valves
Gresen directional control and mobile valves
Prince check valves flow controls
Continental flow, pressure, and directional controls
Energy mobile control valves and components
Cross agricultural and mobile valves
LexAir process control-complete line
ISI inline and manifold valves


Donaldson Full line Hydraulic and Automotive
FPC hydraulic high pressure
Vickers portable, filtration, after market
Parker air, oil, water, full line
Filtrol 1 micron oil and water


Greer bladder and piston
Oil-air bladder
Parker spring, bladder, piston VALVES


Faster complete line of quick disconnects
Brennan adapters
SSP stainless steel adapters
Anchor Flange carbon and stainless steel flanges
Aeroquip hydraulic and pneumatic connectors
Snaptite check valves and quick couplers
Nycoil pneumatic tubing and brass fittings
Alkon push to connect, tubing, flow controls
Dixon industrial products-complete line
PT Coupling cam and groove dry-break
Voss metric adapters, "specials"
Amflow steel and brass air quick couplers
Superswivels high pressure universal swivels
Perfecting excess flow check valves, couplings and accessories
Camozzi nickel-plated brass connectors


Lincoln pumps, reels, grease guns, connectors
ARO pumps and controls
Schrader Bellows valves and controls
Schrader Bellows filters, regulators and lubricators
Schrader Bellows valves and accessories
Reelcraft complete line
Coxreel power and manual reels
Hosetract air, water, grease reels


Push/pull cables, air mufflers, gauges, ball & check valves, flow controls, needle valves, shuttle valves, clamps, globe valves, FRL's blow guns, sight gauges, flow meters, pressure switches, o-rings and gaskets, tube and pipe assemblies.
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